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The band is from Nashville, and in 2012 gave out an album on their own label, which have had time to notice. Now it is published in Swedish rootsy and Cordova thank with just over a month's tour of the Nordic region, with completion in Stockholm. And they have a way to start abruptly, [...]


The New Offenders

A Houston-based, southern roots/rock band, The New Offenders was formed in August of 2014. Although there were a few renditions of this band in the years before, 2014 was the year the band solidified it’s line up and took to the streets. Fronted by a Houston native, Hunter McKithan (vocals/guitar), whom once he started [...]


Bottom Dollar String Band

Bottom Dollar String Band has been a growing bluegrass powerhouse in Austin since their formation in the Texas Hill Country in 2011. Hunter Hollingsworth (mandolin/lead vocals) and Josh Moore (banjo/vocals) are the founding members with Devon Canady (guitar/vocals) joining a year later after a seemingly harmless garage jam. Since then they have explored a [...]


Brian Whelan

"To me, Brian Whelan will always be the Kid. When he first materialized several years ago at the Cinema Bar, that charmingly crowded, noisy little room in Culver City known as “The World’s Smallest Honky Tonk,” he was an alarmingly boyish presence. At first he stood out because he didn’t look old enough to [...]


Charles Peters

I have been called many things. I have written many songs. I have learned to be patient but I haven't really learned to get along. The future and the setting sun will come out either way. That's my new record. Its a little more rootsy, maybe even stripped down at times, but still very [...]


Ray Bonneville

Ray Bonneville is a poet of the demimonde who didn’t write his first song until his early 40s, some 20 years after he started performing. But with a style that sometimes draws comparisons to JJ Cale and Daniel Lanois, this blues-influenced, New Orleans-inspired “song and groove man,” as he’s been so aptly described, luckily [...]


The Mastersons

"The first thing people usually ask us is 'What's it like as a husband and wife playing music together?,'" says Chris Masterson. "We always say that the lows are low, but the highs are really high." There are plenty of highs on Good Luck Charm, the second album by The Mastersons, the collaboration that [...]


Bart Crow

Always known as “the nice guy” with a smile on his face, the tides are turning and the gloves are coming off. Bart Crow is still the kind of guy and artist fans in the South and Midwest have grown to love. But on his new album The Parade, boundaries disappear and things are [...]

Conroe Americana Music Festival

Conroe Americana Music Festival