Vendor Application

Conroe Americana Music Festival

2017 Vendor Application

The Conroe Americana Music Festival is a Conroe Downtown Area Association event. All vendors must have filed an application
to participate in the event. Food vendors must meet additional Health Department requirements and submit an additional fee.
Any concerns may be discussed with the CDAA Representative before or after the event. Remember YOUR success at the
event is also YOUR responsibility-SHARE!

Vendor Fee Schedule

Friday, May 5 | Saturday, May 6 | Sunday, May 7
$75 non-food vendors (non-food vendors on Saturday)
Sunday, May 8 noon-6pm $50 (food vendors only)

Guidelines for Vendors:

  • All vendors must complete and submit a Vendor Application which includes acceptance of the Rules and Regulations, and
    adherence to related governmental rules and permit requirements
  • All vendors must be setting up by and stay set up throughout hours of festival unless other arrangements have
    been made.
  • Vendors must provide their own tent, table, chairs, signs, and other needed items (10 X 10 tents)
  • Assume electricity is not available.
  • A positive attitude must be maintained for the duration of the market. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated
    and may lead to permanent expulsion of event.
  • All vendors must wear shoes and shirts at all times. Periodically the Farmer’s Market will have themes. Please try
    to dress for the theme when appropriate and decorate your booth to the given theme.
  • The CDAA representative will have final say to determine eligible participants. No Direct Sales or multi-level
    marketing is permitted. All decisions are final.
  • Cancellation must be within 48 hours of event to receive fees back. Your space is not guaranteed if not paid in
  • No smoking in vendor booth
  • No foul language
  • Possession of firearms or consumption of alcohol or use of drugs, or operating under the influence is not permitted and is
    grounds for permanent eviction from the market.
  • Portable restrooms are available on site
  • Trash must be placed in suitable containers. The market provides trash barrels for vendor convenience. Boxes that are left at
    the market for disposal must be broken down and placed near the trash receptacles. No trash should be left in the market
  • Non-food vendors are only permitted on Saturday.

Food Vendors:

Must have their Temporary Food Establishment Permit

  • Manufactured food products must meet City of Conroe and Montgomery County Health Department requirements, including
    licensing and permitting rules.
  • Foods and food products produced by "Cottage Food Producers" may be sold at the farmers' market pursuant to the rules and
    regulations established by the State of Texas Department of Health.
  • All foods must be properly labeled. No un-labeled packaged or processed foods are allowed.
  • The vendor is solely responsible and liable for any claims and damages resulting from the sale of unsafe, unapproved, or
    unsound goods.
  • Vendors must supply all materials and containers for customer sales.

NOTE: Your permit to participate in the Conroe Americana Music Festival is valid only for the area designated for that
use provided all fees are paid.

Vendor Application Form

(Street, City, State, ZIP Code, County)
Checks must be made out to CDAA. Conroe Downtown Area Association is a 501c(4).
fees to:
304 N. Main
Suite 1
Conroe, TX 77301

Drop off in person
304 N. Main
Suite 1
Conroe, TX 77301

***Label on envelope Conroe Americana Music Festival Vendor Application


Join us May 5-7, 2017!
50 bands….Downtown Conroe


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