When Terri Hendrix laced up her “Two Dollar Shoes” and began her journey as an independent recording artist 20 years ago, there was no map or handy guidebook to show her the way. Although she wasn’t the first artist to ever self-release an album, the DIY road was still years away from becoming the busy thoroughfare that it is for so many musicians today. And to be honest, it wasn’t exactly her first choice, either. Despite having already spent half a decade building an impressive following in her native San Antonio and the surrounding Texas Hill Country, the then 28-year-old songwriter was rejected by three different record labels when she tried shopping her 1996 debut. So when she ended up putting it out herself, it was only for lack of any other apparent option at the time. That whole “own your own universe” ideal Hendrix is so well known for these days? Well, that really didn’t come about until later.

Schedule:  Friday May 5th